On a scale of one to DJ Zinhle, how strong are you?

Zinhle is having a great laugh today. 

By  | Dec 06, 2018, 01:44 AM

On a scale of one to DJ Zinhle, how strong are you?

Like most of us, DJ Zinhle has been through a lot in her life. 

Just last year alone, she went through a breakup with the father of her child, AKA, after she revealed that he had been cheating on her with Bonang Matheba

Okay, breakups are nothing new. 

We've all probably been there. But it must be harder when you're a famous person and everyone has an opinion on how you should move on. 

Some people have commended her strength throughout the whole process, as they feel that they wouldn't have been able to deal with what she's experienced. Imagine constantly seeing your ex and his new bae flaunting their love on social media? Ouch!  

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The DJ and businesswoman has admitted that the breakup was tough, and has also shared how she dealt with the pain

She has been hailed as a "strong woman" by some of her fans, and we completely agree. In a funny twist, tweeps have decided to replace the word "strong" with "DJ Zinhle". 

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Guess what? Kairo's mother is having a great laugh at these tweets. 

Wow! What a strong woman... 

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