Senyaka donations come as far as Lesotho

By  | Dec 06, 2018, 01:46 AM

As a 90s kid, all I know is Kwaito music and I often get teased by my friends on how old-school I am for still whipping out dance moves like the kwasa-kwasa. Come on guys don’t act like you didn’t break out into ikwasa–kwasa   whenever a Kwaito song came on.

I remember how music ignited the love of art in us and brought joy in our miseries. A huge part of this music was that of the now late Senyaka Kekana.  Kekana who passed on last week not only showed that he was a multi-talented man, but also proved to be quite the comedian at heart with low-budget films like Moruti Wa Tsotsi and of course hilarious songs like Romeo Wang’kolota (Romeo you owe me) and Fong Kong (Street term for fakes products or fake people)

Kekana shared his talents by producing hit songs for the likes of the late Brenda Fassie, Brown Dash, and Mahlathini, it’s also unfortunate that Kekana like his fellow fallen soldiers now shares the burden of having died a poor artist.

On Sunday, City Press revealed that fellow musicians and family members are trying to raise money for Senyaka so that the celebrated musician could be given a decent burial.

Sadly history has repeated itself as it did with the likes of Brown Dash, Zombo and others. Senyaka’s brother has also revealed that donations have come as far as Lesotho where fans of Senyaka have offered their donations in ensuring that Senyaka is buried with dignity.

I keep wondering if this is caused by our artists living beyond their means or is the fault on us as the public? Considering the low rate of album sales and the increase of music piracy. Maybe our artists need to be educated more with regards to managing their finances but surely you don’t need some form of diploma or degree to understand the importance of saving money or having a funeral policy. Yes, there’s no point in crying over spilt milk, I guess I can only hope that our artists learn from such incidents, hopefully this will be the last artist we’ll hear of needing financial assistance for their funeral.

The Chesa Mpama hitmaker will be laid to rest this Thursday at Nancefield Cemetery, the funeral service will be held the Albertina Sisulu Hall in Orlando Gardens, Soweto at 7am. The memorial service will be held at the Bassline in Newtown this Tuesday afternoon at 1pm. If you want to donate to the family, you can contact Mayisela on 0736352957 or Shearer on 0823620382.

What do you think is the crux of the issue when it comes to our local artists needing financial assistance, whether it be for medical reasons or a funeral?