Sfiso Ncwane's wins big at the Indondo Awards

S'fiso Ncwane may be gone but never forgotten.

By  | Dec 06, 2018, 01:43 AM

Sfiso ncwane

It's been almost a year since the Gospel star passed on, but his legacy still lives on.

You know you've left a mark in peoples lives when people still honor your work even long after you've left this world.

The Ncwane name is far from foreign to the Gospel industry, it's almost impossible to think gospel without thinking of the Kulungile Baba singer. His fans have yet again shown that he may be gone but his music will forever live on.

Ayanda Ncwana, wife to Bab'Ncwane received not one, but four Ndondo awards on behalf of her husband. The late gospel singer was awarded the Best Evangelic Gospel Music, Outstanding Community Outreach, Best Music Personality and the Public Lifetime Legacy award at the ceremony held recently.

Ncwane who was a dedicated man in his ministry and community may have left us at a very unexpected time but it is clear that his hard work is still recognized and appreciated. The Ncwane legacy definitely lives on.

Not only did Ayanda Ncwane receive awards in her husband's honor bust she too was awarded the Best Humanitarian by the Independent National Gospel Music Awards 2017 (INGOMA) 

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