Sibusisiwe Jili: Her love for acting and helping those in need

We catch up with Mina Nawe actress, Sibusisiwe Jili.

By  | Dec 06, 2018, 01:43 AM


An actress, model and philanthropist whose outlook on life is to better the life situations of others as well

Sibusiswe is more than just an actress we see on our TV screens on a weekly basis but she is also a woman who is a force to be reckoned with.

Sibu,  who is currently on SABC 1’s Mina Nawe, plays the character of Dineo, a wife and mother of two battling relationship issues with her husband who is cheating on her. We asked the actress how similar she considers herself to be in comparison to Dineo and this is what she had to say.

“I actually have a lot of similarities in comparison to Dineo, I actually went through what she’s going through right now, so I can relate to her very well. It was actually quite an emotional script for me, even though the script was a bit comedic. If you watch Mina Nawe it has a few comedic elements in it but, it’s really deep.”


Besides acting, Sibusisiwe has also dedicated her life towards helping the disadvantaged in her community. The model/actress recently registered her on Non-Government Organization (NGO) to further help those in need.

“My NGO is called the Positive Youth of Maritzburg (PYM). I come from a disadvantaged family and within my disadvantage I’m going to say I was advantaged and then I became disadvantaged. If you look at my background I actually come from a broken family where we had to come to a point where we were a middle-class family to now having to relocate to the townships and re-think and re-live certain situations.

So for me, starting this NGO was to bring in different disadvantages that we all go through. It’s not just for the poor, it’s for people who are also emotionally disadvantaged. It’s for people who want to get more out of life. So my NGO is really about tackling different disadvantages because I feel that we all go through different challenges and with PYM it helped me so much to also find myself within this world.”


“Well, I’ve always wanted to act with Hlomla Dandala, there’s a certain charisma that he has when it comes to his acting and it reminds me of some of the actors from abroad. He’s got that star role about him, like I would really love to sit down with the guy and go through some of my lines with him and I feel like he definitely could be someone who would actually help to build my career and just to think differently when it comes to my own character. “

Sibu is also known for her role on Isibaya especially her heated relationship with Abdul Khoza she says he’s an amazing guy that makes her feel comfortable in every scene they act together in.


“Abdul is such a sweet heart! He’s always ready, he’s always on point. I love an actor who is always willing to give you their all, so that I can also reciprocate that positive energy as well. I really appreciate how professional Abdul is about his acting, he even asks me sometimes if I am comfortable with how we acted out certain scenes. He is always concerned about the end product and how we can work on improving it. And he’s very fun as well.”


Catch Sibusisiwe on Mina Nawe on SABC 1 every Sunday at 19:30pm

Main Image Credit: Instagram/@J_Sibu