Simba Mhere's killer sentenced to 10-years in jail

It was a long trial that has finally come to an end

By  | Dec 06, 2018, 01:42 AM

Simba Mhere's killer found guilty

Simba Mhere passed away in a car accident on the 31st of January 2015, his sudden passing shocked the entertainment industry and South Africa as a whole.

According to ENCA, the driver who is responsible for the death of Simba and his friend Kady-Shay O'Bryan has been sentenced to 10-years. 

The driver - Preshalin Naidoo was convicted of culpable homicide for causing the accident, according to the published article on ENCA, Naidoo had mentioned in his affidavit that the accident was caused by "a mechanical malfunction of his car and not due to negligent driving."

In an interview with ZAlebs, Simba's close friend and colleague Jonathan Boynton-Lee mentioned that a lot of his future plans in terms of business involved Simba and that they were both going to start their own company together.

Simba Mhere

"What people didn't know is that we were going to start our own production company. We had about three shows in the works, which we were doing together. Because Simba and I were brothers and best friends in real life, what you saw on screen was a genuine wasn't forced, and fake. Clients and sponsors loved that. It was a natural thing for us to say let's start our own little company," he said.

Jonathan said that no one could fill the role Simba played in his life.

"Every future plan I had, everything [involved] Simba; he was my boy. he was going to do everything with me... you can never replace someone like that," he said.

Main Image Credit: Instagram/@SimbaMhere