Singer: Sifiso Fakude is still very much involved in the music industry

The 90's R&B crooner has never left and continues to make music for the soul.

By  | Dec 06, 2018, 01:43 AM

Sifiso fakude

If you're as old as us, we're sure you remember the local R&B song, Sing You My Love, by Sifiso released back in the 90's. And if you were old enough to understand what love was, you probably played this song for your girlfriend/boyfriend back then.

After Sifiso released the single, which was undoubtedly a hit, it seemed as though the singer then took a long break from the industry but in actual fact, he didn't. Speaking to ZAlebs, the singer informed us that he has been making and releasing music all this time.

"I didn't really disappear from the music scene, it takes time for me to write my stuff, I'm the type of artist who wants something that will last, so I kind of take my time when I write. I released that album I think back in '98 then I came back with a sort-of Gospel project back in 2006 under Universal. Then in 2007, I recorded an album with Robbie Malinga."

sfiso faks

Sifiso admits that around 2010 he did take a break to sort out his personal life and that's when his music took a back seat for that time period. In 2013 he did bounce back and released an album titled Uk'thanda Umuntu (To love a person) under his own label called Desire Records.

In terms of R&B in South Africa, Sifiso believes that the genre is doing well as artists have made the genre their own.

"We decided to take the genre and make it our own and put Africanism in it. There is R&B in South Africa and most of the songs that are popular today are R&B. We ensure the music is of quality, never mind the singer, but the music is of quality and its R&B." said Sifiso.

Sifiso has sighted interests in working with new and unknown artists for his next projects.

"I want to find someone who is unknown, someone who does not need to go and compete for a position or a prize. I just want someone who's got soul, someone who's got passion and someone who is a die-hard fan of the music."

Sifiso's last words for us is that he is not going anywhere, as a person, he just had to take care of his own personal responsibilities at home and that he is very much involved in the music industry and would like to produce for other people and inspire other musicians to produce music that speaks to the soul.

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