Sizwe Dhlomo: I can't just go on a date with strangers

Gosh, we were actually looking forward to this date

By  | Dec 06, 2018, 01:41 AM


So during the week media personality/entrepreneur, Sizwe Dhlomo had promised a young lady that he would go on a date with her on the basis that she garners 1000 retweets.

So how did this all start?

Well, it started when Sizwe randomly tweeted that Hollywood couple Will Smith & Jada Pinkett were definitely sleeping with other people. We're guessing that comment stemmed from watching the latest episode of Jada's Red Table featuring Will Smith as a guest. The episode was quite interesting might we add, anyway, back to Sizwe.

A young lady then responded by asking when he would be sleeping with her, a comment that Sizwe naturally laughed at.


Knowing that her request would not be fulfilled she then asked the entrepreneur how many retweets she should get in order for Sizwe to go on a date with her. Sizwe tweeted that she should get one thousand retweets and he would go on a date with her, much to his surprise the young lady achieved the set number of retweets and Sizwe obliged to the date.

Sizwe sleep 2



The lady was obviously excited and asked for a time and place for the date, but, unfortunately, Sizwe now has had a change of heart and expressed that he was joking about the date.


He then apologized to the lady and expressed that he cannot go on dates with strangers.


Which is fair enough but now the Twitter world is accusing Sizwe of doing the girl dirty but as always, Sizwe seems to be handling himself well in putting people in their place with regards to this situation.

Well, at least the girl understands and that's all that matters, right?

Main Image Credit: Instagram/@SizweDhlomo