Sjava apologises to fans

It was not his fault though

By  | Dec 06, 2018, 01:42 AM


He's currently one of the most celebrated artists in the S.A. music industry and it's all thanks to his craft and sheer hard work.

Sjava recently walked away with his first Viewers Choice accolade at the BET Awards last week and since his return home, the artist has been receiving a lot of love from fans and fellow artists alike, however, over the weekend the singer found himself in a bit of a hiccup after a weekend performance went slightly wrong.

Apparently whilst performing at Vaal Monateng Cafe over the weekend, Sjava's fans got overly excited to see him perform that a stampede ensued at the venue.

Whilst most people enjoyed their time, Sjava apologised to his fans for what had occurred and made it clear that when he leaves home to go perform, his aim is to make people happy and to not have them get hurt.


Shout out to Sjava for always looking out for the people that support him the most and by the looks of this video below, Sjava is loved by many who enjoy his music

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Main Image Credit: Instagram/@Sjava_atm