#SkeemSaam: Rachel & Marothi Finally Married

It almost didn't happen

By  | May 24, 2019, 11:44 AM

Last night we finally found out that Rachel Kunutu ran off to the nearest taxi to prevent all of the drama that was about to unfold at her wedding.

Yep, you read correctly, dressed in her beautiful wedding gown, Rachel [in those high heels mind you] ran all the way to the nearest taxi she could find.

Imagine minding your own business then suddenly come across a bride entering a taxi to go occupy the front passenger's seat all by herself?


All Rachel wanted to do is get herself out of there as quickly as possible and a taxi was her only means of transport to do so. She even lied by mentioning that her husband was trying to kill her just to get the taxman to start driving off.

Her family was so shaken by her runaway bride stunt that the inlaws even questioned whether there was another family who paid for her lobola.

After getting into a brief scuffle with Levison, Marothi drove around looking for his runaway bride in some bushes in the middle of nowhere.

Rachel, who was torn between marrying the man of her dreams who is also a murderer, decided on the spur of the moment to attempt suicide by drowning herself in the river. Luckily, Marothi had found her just in time.

Both teary-eyed and in distress, Marothi begged for Rachel to not turn back on the idea of marrying him and that he would right his wrongs very soon.

After a dramatic twenty minute experience, Rachel eventually decided to go ahead with the wedding but not after her mother asked if she was sure she wanted to marry Marothi.

Sure then ever, Rachel assured her mother that she was ready to marry Moruthi and that she just panicked and needed to connect with her father's spirit before she commenced with the ceremony.

The wedding eventually continued and was sealed with a kiss.

We're yet to find out if this marriage will last and if Moruthi will ever be convicted for killing his wife, Angie.

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