Solo, Nkuli and Nick sizzle in suits for Previdar

Check out the photo's from Previdar's latest shoot featuring Nkuli Tshirumbula, Solo and Nicholas Nkuna 

By  | Dec 06, 2018, 01:44 AM

Nkuli Tshirumbula

The monthly high fashion and lifestyle online magazine, Previdar, has just released it’s Mega Menswear Showcase for the October issue and the cover stars, Nicholas Nkuna, Nkuli Tshirumbula and Solo are sizzling in suits selected and styled by Olivia Harlow.

The magazine’s Lwazi Hadebe spoke to each of the stars during their shoots, helping us get to know them a little better through some carefully crafted  and well thought out questions.

One of the cover stars and interviewees is rapper, Solo, who we also know as Dineo Moeketsi’s boyfriend.

Solo in a suit

Solo shared that he does plan on getting married someday because his parents 49-year union has served as a great example for him thus far.

“My parents have been married for 40 years and have been together for 49 years. I’ve always been shown love and have had the example of love my whole life. That’s what normal is for me. I still want normal,” said Solo.

Considering what the couple wore on the 2016 MTV MAMA red carpet, we wonder what their wedding outfits would look like…

Stepping into Monday like... 📸 @aust_malema 👑 x 👑

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Marriage isn’t the only thing Solo is sure about wanting. He was so sure about his rap career that he quit his BCom accounting degree in the final year.  

“I stopped my pursuit of a BCom Accounting degree after having made the decision to focus on a career in music, because I did not want a plan B. Burning those bridges was important for me because I needed to commit to the highest level to my craft and passion.

Nkuli in a suit

Hadebe also spoke to the yummy Nkuli Tshirumbula about his appearance on Strictly Come Dancing, Fees Must Fall and who he’s cast as his bond girl.

Tshirumbula said his time at Strictly Come Dancing was a roller coaster ride and though he underestimated the impact that dance would have on his life, the fact that he made it into the finale of such a grueling competition elates him.

“It was challenging, physically, emotionally, one wouldn’t think dance would have such an impact on you. I would push myself week in and out, so much that I made it to the finale and I’m not even a dancer.”

He also applauds the students that are taking charge and fighting for free education due to the financial, emotional and physical toll that tertiary education takes on the people who can’t afford it.

Returning to the topic of suits, they spoke about James Bond (as boys do) and when asked about who he’d cast as his bond girl, Tshirumbula chose Nomzamo Mbatha.

“She has sass, there’s a certain way a Bond girl behaves and Nomzamo Mbatha would carry that well.”

Nicholas Nkuna

Actor Nicholas Nkuna also managed to find the time to squeeze in an interview before hopping onto a flight to Atlanta in the USA where he is currently filming scenes for a movie called Love by Chance where he’ll be starring alongside Atandwa Kani, Denise Zimba and Altovise Lawrence to name a few.

“I’m playing a South African character who goes by the name of Aaron… It’s  produced by Samad Davis and I have to say, it is  like a reunion all over again because Samad produced Top Actor Africa,” said Nkuna.

He also let readers in on why he stays slaying the style game:

“Because in this business you are what you wear, what you say, how you say it, what you stand for, what you do and so much more. Everything contributes to what and who you are.”

You can check out the full issue and read all the interviews over at Previdar's website.

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