Somizi expresses disappointment at pastor offending homosexuals

Somizi expresses great concern with what is preached about homosexuality in churches.

By  | Dec 06, 2018, 01:44 AM

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Somizi shares how he walked out of a church service after feeling discriminated against by a pastor's word about homosexuality.

In a series of videos, Somizi has expressed that he will not sit and watch pastors shame gay people in church, in his presence hence he shared with his Instagram followers how he walked out of a church service when a certain pastor began belittling homosexuals.

Somizi passionately expressed that he is a homosexual man and that will never change.

"I'm not going to sit there and listen to people offend me, this is who I am! I am a gay man! Get it straight into your skull, my soul is alright with my God. Let me deal with my God, with my soul." Said Somizi

He added that he was also disappointed at all the gay men and gay women who sat in the service and did not do anything about what the pastor was saying.

"I'm actually disappointed at all the gay men and women that sat there and listened to him offend us."

No opinion or advice needed. I'm just venting. @grace_bible_church

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Somizi also pleaded for the church that he attends to be open and honest about them not wanting homosexuals attending their church,

"Say it out loud...homosexuality is not allowed, homosexuality is a sin, we don't want gay people in our church, so that we know! Because we go there to speak to our God, whom I believe accepts me the way I am, whom I believe created me the way I am..."


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Somizi's comments section has since been divided with some of his followers agreeing with his statement whilst others disagree with the entertainer.

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