Sompisi considers himself lucky to still be on Generations

By  | Dec 05, 2018, 07:59 PM

Tiki played "Mam Ruby’s" father on Generations and recently Vundla included Tiki in the new cast which starts shooting next month.

Tiki started to become a house hold name after he made an appearance on a KFC advert.

“I started in the arts decades ago, but I became popular after that KFC advert which began to open up many doors for me, my job on Generations is my biggest break so far .

“I want to motivate young people to stay true to themselves and focus on making Africa proud by doing well at everything they do,” he said.

Talking about the soapie, he said: “I’m lucky to be going back to the set. I can confirm that we will start shooting new episodes next month.”

Credit Image.Facebook.Tiki Nxumalo