Space Elephant – Bye Beneco

By  | Dec 05, 2018, 07:59 PM

Quick facts… Johann M Smith probably summed it up best in his interview with the band for when he said: “Once in a while a new band comes along with a recipe for instant attention. Seemingly out of nowhere, Joburg 4-piece Bye Beneco has done just that!”

Bye Beneco consists of four members, Lenny-Dee Doucha, Jenny Dison, Bergen Nielson and Matthew Watson. The instruments they play include drums, guitar, percussion and any other weird and playful instrument that may cross their path.

Their sound has stemmed from a multitude of musical styles. Its organic composition, layered sounds and beautiful, evocative vocals are at the essence of their music.

Their sound is raw, organic, dreamy, ambient, ethereal with an underlying gypsy folk, dark prison blues spirit on which the band prides itself. 

Best tracks… Space ElephantChemirochaOverwhelm and Paraffin.

What others have to say… “After playing the local indie/folk scene for months, Bye Beneco’s debut album, Space Elephant, was one of the most anticipated albums of 2014. It doesn’t disappoint. Bye Beneco deliver a fresh feel to the local folk scene with vocals and instrumentals so strong and recognizable it’s hard to imagine a time you listened to anything else.”

What we have to say… A truly awesome discovery and proof again that if you frequent festivals or local gigs, you’ll find South African bands or artists that deserve world-wide recognition. We can kick ourselves for only finding out about Bye Beneco now, but console ourselves in the knowledge we’ll probably hear a lot more from them. Kudos to Just Music for signing yet another great South African act.

It makes us wanna… “ through fields of poppies, possibly with no clothes on.”  

In their own words… In an interview with Muse Magazine, the band was asked whether they thought that music can still be a nostalgic blueprint in a socially connected world where friends are never far away? “Music will always be a way of reaching out and connecting – whether it’s live, on vinyl or through technology. It binds and soothes us across time and space, which is why it’s so cool that you can hear traces of Buffy St. Marie in our work. To be both relevant and nostalgic gives us a kick!”

Score… Turn the volume up to 7.5