Stars who are defying the laws of aging

What is it about some celebs? They remain forever young while the rest of us are pulling out grey hairs and bathing in anti-ageing creams.

By  | Dec 06, 2018, 01:44 AM

defying aging

We wonder what their secret to ever lasting youthfullness is, could it be cosmetic surgery or just good genes? you decide.

Whatever they’re having, we want some. Here are some of the celebs who never seem to age

Connie Ferguson

defying aging

This stunning actress is 46 years old.

Hlomla Dandala

defying aging

Hlomla does not look a day over 30, he is 42 years old.

Thembi Seete

defying aging

This gorgeous lady recently turned 40.


defying aging

Rumor has it that DJ Mahoota is 54.

Shashi Naidoo 

defying aging

This stunner is sitting pretty at 36 years old.

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Main image credit: Instagram/thembiseete