Steamy Cheryl Cole in denial after CT kiss-a-thon

By  | Dec 05, 2018, 07:59 PM

Cole, who has been regularly updating her various social media platforms since arriving in Cape Town ahead of the New Year, was shown in a picture on her Instagram account caressing the chiseled stomach of Steve Uria, the founder of SWEAT1000.

But Uria was quick to deny a romantic link telling The Times, “We are friends – she’s an awesome girl.”

Cole has also jumped on the denial bandwagon downplaying suggestions that the much talked about picture she posted on New Year’s Eve was of her kissing local student Tom Julius.

While Julius has openly admitted kissing the Fight For This Love singer, Cole wrote on Twitter, “The best thing about the ridiculousness of this whole imaginary story / made up guy or whatever is that you all can plainly see what rubbish these papers talk.

Referring to Julius she added, “This is clearly a child! Look at him! His name is Ben and he is nine years old. That’s enough now, for goodness sake. This is a new level of stupid.”


(Credit:Facebook.Cheryl Cole)