Stone Reflects On Changes In Music Industry

Could this mean the artist is bowing out?

By  | May 11, 2020, 08:21 AM

Stoan on Friday celebrated his 45th birthday and also celebrated 25 years of being in the music and entertainment industry.

While the personality is blessed to have made it so far in the industry the past few weeks, he has been reflecting on the circumstances surrounding the industry.

The Bongo Maffin group member shared that the "entertainment and hospitality sector is the hardest hit in this crisis (lockdown) and we will be the last to recover."

Whilst the government has offered relief funds for the entertainment, the musician says this, however, is not enough.

"R150mill is hardly enough for all these artists and this is made exponentially worse by the fact that the money has to be shared with all the sportspeople. This is a reflection of the amount of value that government and the society attach to us...and this is just not enough," shared Stoan.

The musician continued that for the first time in 25 years his family's financial future no longer lies in the music industry and admitted that his age does not see himself trying to rebuild a music career at a time when he should be on auto-cruise.

"I’ve had a great ride, been around the world twice but now it’s time for a new focus," shared the musician.

shared that he no longer expects to "make an adequate living out of music" and this is now forcing him to "reset and readjust".

The musician also shared that he has started working on a new TV show aimed at helping those less fortunate and he and his mother later this year will be taking on an ambitious property development project.

Image credit: Incwajana

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