Switch up your make up steps to beat shine

They key to beating shine caused by oil may lie in changing the order in which you apply your products 

By  | Dec 06, 2018, 01:43 AM

Switch up your make up steps to beat shine

If your makeup routine goes: moisturize --> apply foundation --> apply powder, then you may have been applying your makeup wrong all along.

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Make up artists and bloggers have been experimenting with various techniques over the years in order to make makeup application easier and better and one of the many techniques that have recently come to the fore is applying your powder BEFORE you apply your foundation.

Powder is a very essential product for people with oily faces but it doesn’t always help the way it’s supposed to.

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For instance, if you apply your makeup before you go to work, you often find that the oil has taken over by mid morning and your face is starting to shine. People who suffer from excessively oily skin even have to carry around powder and they often disappear to go touch it up.

But, changing the order in which you apply your makeup may eliminate the need for this step altogether. Watch as Austrailian makeup artists Wayne Goss explains how this works:

It is therefore advisable that you now start by moisturizing your skin or applying primer, then you follow it up by powdering your face and only THEN do you apply foundation. If you suffer from extra oily skin, you would then apply a small amount of powder to your t-zone right at the end in order to lock everything in.

You could actually also do the same thing with your setting spray by applying it to your skin before and after you apply makeup as explained by Vlogger, Nikkia Joy:

So try it out and make sure to let us know if it helped!

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