T-bo Touch escapes dagga complaint

By  | Dec 05, 2018, 07:59 PM









The Broadcasting Complaints Commission of South Africa (BCCSA) has rejected the complaint that Metro FM presenter, T-bo Touch, promoted the use of dagga on air.

According to Channel24, a complainant reported that T-bo Touch made "disturbing" remarks during an interview with US artist Wiz Khalifa during his visit for the Castle Lite concert in July.

During the interview, T-bo Touch asked Wiz what he was looking forward to for his visit to South Africa and his response was "The weed".

The complainant, who was travelling with his son while the radio interview aired, said he understood that T-bo Touch may have had no control over that response, but that he shouldn’t have entertained the artist regarding weed with statements that potentially would've incited his interest in getting his hands on some South African weed.

He said the final straw was when T-bo Touch told Wiz that, if he was not able to entertain him when he arrives, “he would go as far as sending him the weed at the airport”.

The BCCSA on Monday said they do not believe that the presenter’s statements promoted the use of weed.

"We concede that the way it might have come across to the listener was that he might actually do this, but he would surely not have run the risk of being arrested for an illegal activity by publicly announcing it to millions of listeners," the commission said.

"Although we believe that there has been no transgression of the code, the presenter will reaffirm on air his commitment to totally rejecting the use of weed or any other illicit drug that he would and would never deliver any such substance to anyone.”

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