Take that 'L' ZAlebs Edition

Nothing is worse than being on the receiving end of an L.

By  | Dec 05, 2018, 07:57 PM


According to the Urban dictionary taking an 'L'  aka taking a loss is frequently described as either flunking a test, being stood up or losing an argument especially over social media.

Now let's be fair, we've all taken an L's on social media, it's just that with some of us, our L's  are less publicized than others. But when it comes to our celebrities, their L's are always a topic of discussion in the entertainment world.

If there are three essential skills you need to have in order to survive Twitterville it would be these following skills:

  • The ability to have a slick mouth
  • Being super fast with those clap-backs
  • Not taking anything too personally
  • And hopefully some fighting skills nyana, because as much as we'd like for you to not take things too personally on these Twitter streets, some people tend to take things really personally and take their anger to the REAL streets.

Twitter is a community divided into two. It's either you’re part of the slick mouth clap-back squad or you’re on the receiving end of the clap-backs.

Here are just some of the few celebs who took a couple of L's this month.

Claire Mawisa

Claire, we love you lady but take this L.


Arthur Mafokate

Euphonik doesn't buy skelm when it comes to this fickle industry, take that L Arthur!


Nomzamo Mbatha

We must say, Nomzamo Mbatha handled this L like a pro, even when she was referred to as uBabes wama Nik Naks because of her toes.

toes L

Mzwakhe Mbuli

Mzwakhe took several L's shame, we don't know even know if he Mr Mbuli will recuperate from this L illness.

Mzwakhe mbuli

Have you ever been served with an L on social media if so, share your experience with us.

Main Image Credit: Euphonik/Instagram