Take the ZAlebs hip hop quiz

Ever wondered what MAYO means or who Sim Dope is? Take our hip-hop quiz now!

By  | Dec 06, 2018, 01:44 AM

Da LES, AKA and Riky

In the lead up to what is currently South Africa’s biggest hip hop music festival, we’ve been bumping our favourite local hip hop tracks - from Khuli Chana’s Tswak Stik ‘Em and AKA’s Victory Lap to Maraza’s Gwan and we have a few questions for you guys.

Check out the questions and drop your answers in the comments below:

1. What is the real reason Cass want’s a C63?

2. What does MAYO mean?
3. Why was AKA never trusted when he was DBN?
4. Ke eng Sim Dope?


5. Which two songs does AKA mention JC Le Roux on? (And what’s with all the JC Le Roux love?)
6. What’s AKA’s end goal?

7. When must you call Cassper and Riky?

8. What do you need to do as soon as you reach the Maftown Heights?

9. What brand will you never catch Caspper Nyovest in?
10. Bongo-Zaka is a combination of dialects from which two countries?

11. What are AKA, Maggz and L.E.S cooking up in the dungeon?

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