#TBT: It's a Kwaito throwback

These were the type of songs that made you want to climb ontop of the roof and screem your lungs out.

By  | Dec 06, 2018, 01:43 AM


Remember the days when the likes of Zola, Malaika, Trompies, TKZee and Mzekezeke had us jamming whenever they released new music. Kwaito ruled back then and we sure miss those days.  

On this week’s edition of  #ThrowbackThursday, we send you down memory lane. Back to the jams that made our late 90’s and early 2000s an absolute jol. 

The music of artists who made living in the township a joy, artists who made being ghetto fabulous acceptable and cool. Artists who made the rest of South Africa realize that the hood had and still produces some really great talent, most of which we still know even today.

Here are just our favourite Kwaito throwback songs from back in the day.

Zola ft Unathi Sana Lwami

Brown Dash & Mzekezeke - Siguqa ngamadolo

This song was undoubtedly a summer banger back in the early 2000's

Trompies - Bengimngaka

Bhongo Maffin - Thati sgubhu

Kabelo - Zonke

Bhongo Maffin - Thati sgubhu

What's your favourite Kwaito throwback song?