Teaser: Are black people owning Twitter?

By  | Dec 05, 2018, 07:59 PM

On Tuesday, we published an article from @ClixWell who talked about how Twitter is becoming a wonderful place to be and that humour is slowly but surely making its return to the social network. Since that article was published, we've seen Mbali Mlotshwa dragged into a spat on the social network, and I've had some interesting conversations (offline, of course) with people over the power dynamics of Twitter. 

Deshnee Subramany of NOW writes: 

"At a talk at Wits on Tuesday night, a panel of academics talked about tackling racism. Part of the conversation was about how there was more news now about race and racism from white people against black people, as opposed to after 1994.

But the one thing that no one talked about was the internet. A friend once said: “The thing I love about Twitter the most is how black people are owning it.” And that’s the important part – an unapologetic, intelligent, angry and often aggressive group of black people are moving into spaces once owned by white people and telling racists where to get off. And they are hard to ignore."

And that's where we have to end it (But the headline did warn you that this was a teaser...) but you can read the rest of this interesting discussion on NOW.co.za where Deshnee continues to share exactly how black voices have found an accommodating home on Twitter.