Teko’s ex-wife & fiancé to star in a reality show

By  | Dec 06, 2018, 01:46 AM

Uh oh, we smell trouble brewing between Teko Modise’s ex-wife and his current fiancée! Yho, could a cat fight be on the way? The two ladies are about to embark on a reality show together titled Diski Divas. Is this the best idea?

According to City Press M-Net, is preparing to launch the show in April. The reality show will follow the lives of local soccer wives and girlfriends. Really, do we actually need such a reality show in Mzansi?

The publication was informed by  TV industry inside sources that the contents of the show will allow viewers of the show to watch these women indulge in shopping sprees as they pick out their favourite luxury items such as Chanel bags and Louis Vuitton shoes.  Great, another senseless reality show about a bunch of nobody’s trying to make a name for themselves within the entertainment industry.

We guess the audience pulling factor with this reality show will be the interaction between Modise’s ex-wife Felicia, and his fiancée Lizelle Tabane have  BOTH been cast in the show. Catfights, drama and scandal will be the order of the day when this show comes out.

Sonia Booth, who’s the wife of former Bafana Bafana player Matthew Booth, has also been approached by the producers although she hasn’t confirmed whether or not she’ll be a part of the show. She was reported to possibly be considering a role as a cast member if the project aligned with her own personal goals.

Personally we think she’s already doing well for herself and doesn’t need such a pointless reality show to further her career as an entrepreneur and author.

Do you actually think we need such a reality show on our TV screens and are some of our local soccer players earning that much money that they can afford for their wives to splurge on luxury brands all willy nilly? Leave us your thoughts in the comments section, let's have a discussion!