Terry Pheto on replacing Bonnie Mbuli on Rockville

By  | Dec 06, 2018, 01:46 AM

It seems like no matter how hard she tries, Terry Pheto will never satisfy some people. The actress, who replaced Bonnie Mbuli as Dudu on Mzansi Magic's Rockville, has had a tough time with some viewers.

Some have taken to Twitter to call for Bonnie Mbuli's return.

One user wrote: "Terry Pheto is so beautiful and classy, but I feel like bonnie henna was brilliant at this role, her shoes are too big to fill." While another one said: "I really like Terry Pheto but she's not doing Dudu's character justice. Bring Bonnie back #Rockville3."

But that's not going to happen as Bonnie is currently focusing on other projects. She said on Instagram a while ago:

"I have been overwhelmed with messages and conversations from Rockville fans who are disappointed and sad that I didn’t return, so I figured it’s time we had a chat. I had no idea how much you guys loved this character and I am humbled by your support and appreciation for my work. I too am disappointed that I couldn’t return…"

Now, Terry has spoken out about people's call to bring back Bonnie. She told The Times: "I'm quite aware that if you take a role previously played by someone else it's a huge risk. I understand. It's not something that I wasn't aware of. People are used to what they're used to."

She told the paper that taking the role forced her to grow up and trust the person she is. Terry added: "I've never played a character like this before - it was a personal challenge to play outside my comfort zone, to challenge myself and be in someone else's shoes, and be completely different to who I really am."