The night before my Matric results

By  | Dec 05, 2018, 07:59 PM

Credit: Facebook/Manhatten club

Anxiety, heart palpitations and consistent praying are just some of the few things you might’ve experienced as you waited for your matric results to be released.  That feeling hasn’t changed much as the class of 2013 patiently wait for the final hours until their results are released.  We can imagine how much the wait is killing them

ZAlebs took the time to ask our favourite DJ’s Naves and Andy X what they got up to the night before their faith was

DJ Naves: I had a party at my house with some friends I was home alone and the anxiety was killing me so we all had the times of our life.

DJ Andy X: I was home and although results were done it was just a matter of knowing if I made it or not. I remember I prayed that my name is on that list....and yep it was!!!

Sipho Masebe: The night before my matric results was a roller coaster moment, all kinds of nerves around me, I was at home with my family and we couldn't sleep so we had to wait for the first paper with the results, ikinda knew that I did well but I was also nervous, but at the end of the day I got my results and I had passed.

Seems like the best remedy to over come the anxiousness that comes with waiting for your results is to just stay at home whilst you enjoy the company of your friends.  Goodluck to the class of 2013 and remember what you put in the whole year is what you'll get out.