TheQueenMzansi: Bring back Brutus or else....

Uncle Brutus is nowhere to be found and the people are not happy

By  | Dec 05, 2018, 07:55 PM


Mzansi Magic's The Queen has once again captivated South African viewers with this week's dramatic wedding episode.

A wedding on a boat sounds romantic until the boat blows up into smithereens with all your guests and loved ones on it.

That's what happened during Shaka and Mmabatho's wedding which turned into tragedy after Diamond planted a bomb in the boat killing Roy and Gift.

Although some viewers were sad about the two characters dying, viewers are seriously stressed out about uncle Brutus who has not been found ever since the incident.

Here are some hilarious reactions from viewers that we've seen thus far.

The creative writer of The Queen was even sent this message by someone who threated the writers of the show to immediately bring back Brutus or else they would have to pay for the consequences.

People are really about to boycott the show if they don't bring back the nation's favourite malume.

Whilst others believe that they may have found Brutus' whereabouts and honestly, we also thought this was Brutus screaming and howling on the stretcher.

Viewers are already missing his infamous quotes...

....and some are serious about boycotting the show untilΒ Brutus returns.

Main Image Credit: Instagram/@FergusonFilms