#Lama2000 Are Doing The Things!

The future is in great hands.

By  | Dec 28, 2019, 04:00 PM

The entertainment sector in America is filled with child stars that are steadily reaching legendary status.

On this part of the world, it is believed that one's career in the entertainment industry is best carved at an older age.

Although the South African entertainment industry isn't as forward-thinking and rapidly progressive as our American counterparts, we can't be oblivious to the amazing fact that our home-brewed talent continues to paint the future in bright colours!

These batch of stars have taken the baton from previous child stars such as, Mzambiya and Msawawa (to name a few).

Let's take a look at some Mzansi's youngin's that form part of the #Ama2000 era!

1. Owami Mafokate.

The 18 year old DJ is working hard to cement her own name into the history books of music. Owami's parents, Arthur Mafokate and Queen Sesoko cut an iconic figure in the world of music.

Owami is following suit, but she's going about it her own way!

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2. Bothlale Boikanyo.

There's no denying the raw talent that is Bothlale Boikanyo. Many were introduced to her exhilarating style of poetry, on etv's talent competition SA's Got Talent.

At only 12 years old, she was announced as the winner in 2012. The 18-year-old has since ventured into acting and we can only look forward to seeing how her talents keep unraveling!

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3. DJ Arch Junior.

It's hard to believe that DJ Arch Junior is only seven years old. He's so skilled at rocking the turntables that he could easily host masterclasses for aspiring DJ's.

During interviews, the unwavering support from his parents is often mentioned. Not too long ago, Daily Sun reported that Arch has been promoted to grade two!  Bravo!

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4. Yanga Sobetwa.

Yanga Sobetwa won the season 14 Idols title at age 16 - leaving many of her fans excited for what's more to come from her!

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ZAlebs reported that there were allegations of abandoning her grade 12 studies, but Lil Sis fiercely defended herself by clearly stating that she has decided to take a break from her studies and solely focus on all things music.!

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