Three magazine covers that have received backlash

It didn't turn out to be the best of covers

By  | Dec 06, 2018, 01:41 AM

Khanyi Mbau

Landing a cover on a magazine is a dream, right? Don't act like you don't agree with this because you've probably seen how excited celebrities become when they announce that they're cover stars. But, as we've seen in the last couple of years, some covers don't always get a good reaction. Here's a look at three magazine covers that received backlash from the public. 

Lerato Kganyago on True Love 

No love for Lerato Kganyago's True Love magazine cover

After this cover was revealed in 2016, fans quickly took to social media to express their disappointment. People pointed out that the TV and radio personality was unrecognisable because of 'too much" photoshop. 

LKG also added her thoughts on the cover and mentioned that it was “disheartening” for the photographer who captured the “amazing” pictures to see his work retouched to the point of no recognition. 

The mag hit back by releasing untouched images from Lerato's cover shoot. True Love also released a statement which read: "As a brand that stands for women empowerment, TRUE LOVE would never intentionally do anything to compromise women and their public profile. We have a responsibility not to tarnish our cover star’s image, to produce authentic content for our readers and to uphold the brand’s integrity.” 

True love

Khanyi Mbau

khanyi mbau

Back in 2015, Khanyi landed a cover on True Love magazine, but fans were not happy about the way she looked. The actress was accused of doing a lot of plastic surgery on her face.

Thando Thabethe on Cosmopolitan 


Thando, who is one of Mzansi's favourite media personalities, is on the cover of Cosmo's November issue. Although fans are happy that the Housekeepers actress scored a cover on the prestigious magazine, they don't like the fact that she looks darker than she really is. 

"I don’t like what Cosmo did to Thando with that cover," wrote one fan. While another fan commented: "Cosmo really gave Thando a new identity. I just." 

 Another comment read: "Why did Cosmo give Thando a “tan”? Batho ba bhora." 

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