Three WAGs who stan hard for their men

These women are always behind their men, no matter what. 

By  | Dec 06, 2018, 01:41 AM

Three WAGs who rally behind their men

Being in a relationship with a football star might seem like an extreme sport to some people, but there are others who have shown us that these relationships can actually work. 

You've probably seen posts about how soccer players will dribble and leave you with major chest pains. However, that's not always the case. A number of Women and Girlfriends (WAGs) are portraying a positive image when it comes to their men. Let's take a look at some some South African WAGs who continue to rally behind their men. 

Bokang Montjane-Tshabalala

It's no secret that the former Miss SA is Siphiwe Tshabalala's biggest supporter. The former Kaizer Chiefs player moved to Turkey this year to pursue his European soccer dream. And guess who's been cheering him on? His wife, of course. 

In a recent post, Bokang went on about how proud she is of her man and all that he's achieved. She shared a video of a crowd chanting Shabba's name. "An entire stadium in a foreign country chanting 'TSHABALALA'," she wrote. 

She is evidently inspired by her husband. "The way you remain humble, kind and good hearted still amazes me... May you never change and may the good Lord continue to show off with you... It is such a privilege to have a front seat in your life and watch God at work," read her message. 

Sizakele Manonga

We're not sure when Sizakele and George Lebese's relationship started, but we're here for it. Sizakele is clearly smitten. 

"No CAMERA can ever CAPTURE the look in HER EYES and the FEELING in HER HEART , when SHE LOOKS at HIM and HE is already STIRRING," read one of her captions. Can we just say how cute this is? Awww... 

Wendy Parker

You might remember Wendy from the first season of Mzansi Magic's hit reality show Diski Divas. She made quite a lasting impression on the show and will probably never be forgotten. Another reason why fans like her is the way she supports her husband, Bernard Parker. 

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So, how does it feel to be be loved? Well, according to Wendy, it's strengthening. "Being deeply loved by someone who gives you strength, while deeply loving someone who gives you courage." That sounds like one of those deep quotes from the internet,  but it's still cute. 

Main Image Credit: Instagram/manonga_sizakele