Thusi took Facebook killer to church

By  | Dec 05, 2018, 07:59 PM

In 2011 Tom Bester broke into Pearl Thusi's home and tried to rob her. Tom Bester has since been convicted as a Facebook killer who used multiple aliases and alter egos to lure innocent victims to their death. Pearl, instead of shunning Bester, took a different route in 2011.

In 2012, just over a year after the incident occured, Thusi gave an affidavit recounting the events to the Police. The affidavit was leaked this week by a retired police officer and was published by the Sunday World. The Affidavit gives a chilling account of what took place and the grace with which Ms Thusi handled the matter. 

I drove slowly and began trying to negotiate with him. I asked him not to take my laptop because all my daughter's photos were there. He surprisingly agreed. He promised not to hurt me and told me he had already taken my phones - a BlackBerry and an iPhone.

I offered him help that would be better than stealing. I asked him why he didn't build a better future. I offered him counselling at my church. I don't remember exactly when he gave me a knife or threw it to the back of my car.

I also collected a Bible and wrote a message in it and gave it to him. I drove to. Sandton; at Kabelo Mabalane's house.

I wondered how much of what he had told me was true, especially after Tumisho Masha [To whom she also introduced Bester] had warned me that he was a scam artist. I heeded his warning, but it was sad. I later learnt from social networks and papers about rapes and murders and that he'd been locked up.

I have never contacted him since or been contacted by him; according to my knowledge.

To my knowledge I still have the knife in my home and I will look for it and hand it over.

Pearl eventually handed the knife over and Tom Bester was sentenced to life in prison. Pearl's recount of the events, however, showed that there is often more to people when given the chance and it is due to her kind ways that she was able to survive the encounter.