#ZAlebsStyle - Tom Ford's 2018 line gives off KK Mulaudzi vibes

First they laugh and then they follow...

By  | Dec 06, 2018, 01:42 AM

#ZAlebsStyle - Tom Ford's 2018 line gives off KK Mulaudzi vibes

Whether you have seen an episode of Muvhango or not, as a South African you're bound to know the legend of Khakathi 'KK' Mulaudzi and his shiny suits.

#ZAlebsStyle - Tom Ford's 2018 line gives off KK Mulaudzi vibes

The character, played by Macdonald Ndou was introduced back in 2008 and has continued to trend over the years, namely for his poor fashion sense. Proving, once again, that money can't buy taste. 

Shiny suits have actually always had a bad rep - which has me wondering why they were ever designed in the first place. 

In fact, in an interview with Move! earlier this year, fashion critic, designer and founder of fashion label Palse Homme, Paledi Segapo, went on record to say a shiny suit is one of the biggest sartorial offences in the world.

“The trend died in the 1970s but for one reason or another, it made a comeback in the last few years. The problem with a shiny suit is that it can give off the wrong vibe,” said the designer. 

Fast forward a few months and one of the biggest menswear brands in the world has pretty much declared that shiny suits are back. 

And naturally, the first person most South Africans thought of was KK...

This has lead us to wonder how many trends we've been laughing off all along...

Main image credit: instagram.com/macdonald_ndou