Tony Kgoroge's car gets repossessed by the bank

It seems the top actor is knee deep in debt.

By  | Dec 06, 2018, 01:41 AM

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Debt truly know no address, does it? Attesting to this fact is South African premium actor, Tony Kgoroge. 

The repo men have certainly come knocking on his garage door under the instruction from Wesbank to repossess the actor's sleek Mercedes Benz C300 after failing to pay his monthly installments.

Speaking to Sunday World, The Imbewu actor said: "I can confirm that the car was repossessed by Wesbank. However i am not aware about the new court application filed against me." 

Most well respected artists usually don't like it when sensitive and personal information of this nature hits the newspapers. However, that is not the case with Tony, who is glad that Sunday World broke the story, as it goes to show the realities of being an actor in South Africa.

He was quoted as saying:'"My situation will show people that the struggle of the artist is real. Yes I failed to pay for the car because i had to sacrifice it so that i could pay for my house and kid's school fees." 

Tony also went on to state that people should not be fooled by the glittery content that most celebrities share on their Instagram pages, because artists are struggling in real life. 

''I am not ashamed to stand up and say this. Forget my Instagram and my wife's pages because this is what we face in real life. Broadcasters are repeating our shows and we are not getting paid for that," the actor told the publication. 

Everyone faces some kind of financial strain in their lifetime. This is nothing new. But seeing that Tony is an in demand actor, we are confident that he will soon recoup his financial standing point.

Main Image Credit:Instagram/@t4tonykgoroge.