Top celebrities that have answered their ancestral calling

There's just no ignoring the call now, is there?

By  | Dec 06, 2018, 01:41 AM

Lerato Mvelase

One's spirituality is sacred and vast and it differs from person to person. However, the source is one. It can be quite a task to determine which spiritual practice is more suitable for each person hence the journey is tailor made for every individual.

Ubungoma is an African practice whereby someone in the waking life uses sage to communicate with those that have passed on – ancestors, this is mainly to bring about healing to people that need clarity on personal aspects of their lives. This kind of spiritual awakening can pretty much befall anyone, including our celebrities.

Below is the list of some of our favourite celebrities who have answered their ancestral calling - making them Sangoma’s.

Actress, Letoya Makhene has been actively practicing as a Sangoma for the longest of time. Her traditional healing journey has helped her in discerning people's characters' fairly quickly.

Many were shocked when Uzalo actress, Dawn Thandeka King, revealed that she too, practices as a traditional healer. Speaking to Daily Sun about her journey, she said:"That was the most confusing time of my life because of the background I came from, which is Christian, people rushed to me and started praying for me but that didn't help".

There is no way we could leave out, Lerato Mvelase. This talented actress, who also dabbles as a musician has always shown gratitude towards her gift as a traditional healer.

The Soil's member, Buhle Mda had to take a break from her music career to focus on her new path as a Sangoma. It is still not clear  whether she is currently practicing or not but she is also one of the celebrities that has humbly embraced her role as a traditional healer.

Lvovo Derrango definitely took us by surprise as we wondered how this kwaito superstar will be able to juggle his busy music career and sangoma duties. However, it seems Lvovo has formulated some kind of a plan as to how he will juggle both of these, equally demanding aspects of his life.

Legendary actress, Baby Cele is another well-known celebrity that has answered her ancestral calling. In an interview that she did with Times Live, she said:"It is very strange and I can never really explain it", she continued to add:''Having this gift is a beautiful feeling, it is just sometimes it is so scary because you foresee things and you can't tell the people involved".

Boity Thulo has always been vocal about her experience as a Sangoma. The media star is currently not practising but has embraced this part of her life with grace.

Main Image Credit:Instagram/@boity