Tumi Masemola thinks she may have said too much about her private life

Oh dear, that can't be too good.

By  | Dec 05, 2018, 07:55 PM

Tumi Masemola:

In 2017, rumours of Mandla N and Tumi Masemola's separation began surfacing within the media, it had eventually come to light that the couple had gone their separate ways.

In past interviews, the two have been hesitant on disclosing what had happened to their marriage.

When asked about their relationship on Real Goboza, Tumi said: "I do not want to talk about my personal life, I am not obligated to talk about anything private especially if you are not my private friend." 

However, it may seem as though Tumi has gone to open up a lot more than she should have in her most recent interview with Drum magazine.

The latest issue of the magazine features a cover of Tumi with the headline: "Tumi Masemola: My split with Mandla, saying goodbye to luxury and moving on."

Quite an interesting headline, right? Well, the headline may have made Tumi cringe a bit as she recently posted a message about the cover saying: 

"Aaah! drum magazine headline. Maybe I said more than I should about stuff that's nobody's business. Exposed myself. My point is there is life after a failed relationship, and life is for the living with or without millions in the bank. Please don't ask again... #aswemoveforward," she wrote.

In an exclusive interview with ZAlebs, Mandla N did disclose that he and Tumi had split and that he was more about focusing his energy and time on his work and his kids.

“That’s the only constant in my life, it’s been my work and my kids, relationships are really great but they constantly change, people fall in love with your relationship and when it changes, it becomes something else, so you take people through this rollercoaster ride, but what do I want people to remember me for? Definitely my work more than my relationship or anything like that," he said.

Hopefully, this will be the last time anyone asks them about their relationship as the two have clearly moved on.

Main Image credit: Instagram/@Tumifromthegang