TV shows that made staying indoors worth while!

The Quality of South African Tv productions has improved so much that more and more viewers are tuning into their favorite shows.

By  | Dec 06, 2018, 01:43 AM

Mzansi magic's the queen

If you're not out partying, chances are you ditched that date or your friends because you didn't want to miss your favorite show. Well thank Goodness for production quality, talent and some really great food because South African Television has been really lit in the past 12 months.

While some were out partying a storm, some of us had our eyes glued to screens to binge watch our favorite shows. Some shows really taught us some real life lessons, some made us laugh while others made us fall in love with the actors. Whatever the reason is, the fact still remainse that these shows made our weekdays a little more bearable.

The Queen

Between Goodness, Petronella, Harriet, and Grascious this show is jam packed with enetrtainment.

The Queen's Petronella is our new favourite

Isibaya_This is probably the show that most people tuned in to watch this year, oh and it also introduced us to some new faces. Isibaya showed us that Isizulu can be really sexy.

The Citizen

Papa Penny- Maybe Papa Penny and his broken English did it for you.

Papa Penny
Mzansi Magic

UthandoNesthembu - We honestly can't wait for the Mseleku family to return onto our screens for another great dose fun, drama and entertainment

Musa and wives

Utatakho_The women on Utatakho had a way with words and they sure knew how to confuse us with their paternity stories.


The Imposter_This is the latest Ferguson Films creations and people are already loving the show. 

The Imposter Mzansi

What would this list be without these three, Didi, Yv and Romeo and their plots and schemes just make Etv Scandal! real fire.

Etv Scandal

Lock Down Mzansi_ If this show doesn't make you terrified of prison then nothing will.

21 thoughts I had while watching #LockDownMzansi season 2, episode 1

Which one of these do you have to thank for making you stay in the house, stay entertained and avoid all the drama and negative energy happening outside?

Main Image Credit: Mzansi Magic.dstv