Bonang's Team Confirms Hack

CSA Clears the Air

By  | Feb 25, 2019, 04:00 PM

If you've been on Twitter for the past few days you will notice something slightly curious. It appears as if Bonang Matheba's Twitter account has been hacked (either that or she has deleted it and refused to tell us a thing!)

It seems as if South African celebrities are serious targets right now because this is the second high profile big star who has admitted to being hacked in a matter of days. Cassper Nyovest also had to buy his account back from cyber criminals who had managed to crack into his account.

We first noticed that something was amiss when @Bonang_M disappeared from Twitter. Even at the time of writing, Bonang's signature handle cannot be accessed on Twitter.

As it turns out, whoever has access to the account has changed the handle to something else entirely:

A statement from her management team revealed that the hacking had in fact taken place, and urged followers not to engage with the fake account: 

“Bonang’s account appears to have been hacked (currently saying ‘user not found’). Please be patient and do not believe any information unless it comes from her directly (on Instagram) or from her team at @CSAglobal_ We hope this will be sort as fast as possible.”

You will recall that just last week Cassper Nyovest confessed to having bought back his account and in doing so, lost his Twitter verification temporarily. Luckily for Mufasa, he was able to turn it all around.

Do you think Bonang will face similar troubles?

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Main Image Credit: Instagram/@bonang_m