Urban music that sampled the maskandi genre

What do you know about crossovers? 

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Bruce 12

We take a look at some of the hip hop/kwaito songs that have borrowed their style from traditional mbaqanga music.

Remember how Mandoza’s Nkalakatha quickly transformed from being a kwaito song, to becoming our prized urban national anthem? Not only did you hear the song in townships, but also in Afrikaans pubs and at music festivals. Whether you were black, white, green or purple, when Nkalakatha came on you knew it was time to get down.

Hip hop and other kwaito songs also took the music industry by storm when the genres began taking their sound from traditional mbaqanga music.

Jozi - What's with the attitude


For example, back in their heydays, local group Jozi, swept the local hip hop world by storm when they introduced a new sound which consisted of hip hop beats, infused with traditional mbaqanga music.

Their hit single What’s With The Attitude sampled the sounds of the late mbaqanga artist, Vusi Ximba. Many South Africans were taken aback when they heard Ximba's voice on a hip hop track. Weeks later, the song became a hit! Who knew mbaqanga and hip hop would sound so good together?

B.O.P meets Mahlathini and the Mahotella Queens


House duo, B.O.P which consisted of Oskido and Bruce, tore the dance floors back in 2002 when they brought on the voices of the late Mahlathini and the Mahotella Queens on their hit track Meropa (Pitseng Tse Kgolo). This song had the South African masses moving with joy in the summer of that year.

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Boom Shaka meets iHashi elimhlope

Boom shaka

Then there was Boom Shaka, who joined forces with mbaqanga musician, iHashi elimhlope (The White Horse) on the song Bambanani. The video made the track even more memorable as we saw Boom Shaka dressed in traditional Zulu attire and performing Indlamu (Traditional Zulu dance) which was something we were not used to seeing from an urban pop group like Boom Shaka.

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