US Rapper T.I. Wants To Work SA Rappers

'I align my talents with other talented people."

By  | Jan 06, 2020, 05:14 PM

Atlanta-born rapper T.I. looks set to be the next American star who will work with South African talent.

Netflix's Hustle and Flow judge and highly acclaimed US rapper, TI 'Tip' Harris, has South Africa on his mind. Just last month he spoke openly at the press conference about his love and appreciation for African talent.

The rapper has stated on more than one occasion that he would like to work with African artists. As a respected musician, producer and businessman-when he says he likes someone's work, it should be taken as a huge compliment!

According to reports by SAHipHopMag, T.I also spoke about his interest in working with South African rappers. And boy, did he name drop.

He mentioned a handful of Mzansi rappers he would like to work with, such as AKA, Kwesta and Nasty C. The rapper feels that his talent aligns well with the talents of Africans. 

He was quoted saying:
I align my talents with other talented people … I have relationships with Davido, AKA. I have connections and relationships with people in the music industry from Africa.

T.I has actually worked with Nasty C already, and their collab is expected to be dropped sometime in 2020 (told you this year was going to be dope).

This came after Nasty shared with his fans that T.I had complimented his music, calling it 'fye' (fire). He shared a screenshot on Twitter of a message he received from T.I.

Now when we say, "slide into DMs", this is the type of energy we want. No wait, need.

Now TI, the people of the south are all about action so we'll sit here and wait for that 'fye' collaborations with all of Mzansi's finest.

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