Uyang'thanda Na?: We didn't expect a "Yes" from Evelyn

The first episode of the season was quite interesting.

By  | Dec 06, 2018, 01:43 AM

Moshe Ndiki

And might we add that Moshe did an exceptional job as the new host of Uyangthanda Na? We hope that he continues to host the show for the third season as well.

Now, back to the new couple that was formed on Wednesday night.

We got introduced to a gentleman by the name of Sbu who was head over heels for his long-time friend Evelyn Mazibuko. A beautiful mother of two who works as an Administrator for a company that was strangely bleeped out of the show. We're still confused about that.

Anyway, Sbu was such a likable guy, you could tell that he was really into Evelyn and if she said no to his love proposal it was sure going to break his heart.

Poor guy was so shaken he even mentioned that he was feeling cold and extremely nervous about confessing his love to Evelyn.

We honestly thought Evelyn was not going to accept Sbu, her facial expression when she saw him was so intense it looked like she was disappointed that it was Sbu who brought her onto the show.

And at the same time, it just looked like Sbu was second-guessing why he invited her to the show

Evelyn was so surprised, Sbu even offered her a glass of wine to sip before she said anything further and the way they both bowed their heads just before the advert was a sign that things were just going to go horribly wrong.

Oh, but we were in for a great surprise.

With all the back and forth brief questions between Evelyn and Sbu we were sure she was just going to say 'I love you...but as a brother.'ย ย 

Evelyn really didn't look like she was going to accept Sbu as a lover and we feel like Sbu knew what was going to go down next as he even mentioned that he felt like crying.

But after allย was said and done, Evelyn said yes, but her agreeing to date Sbu just didn't seem genuine to us.

It really looked like she was just trying to save him from the embarrassment, but then again, we don't know what happened after the cameras stopped rolling.

Everyone really didn't expect that 'yes' from Evelyn.

Yeah, we don't trust Evelyn's answer either.

Parental Advisory Productions can we please get an Uyang'thanda Na? Where are they now episode at the end of the year please?

Main Image Credit: Twitter/@MzansiMagic