#UyangthandaNa: Bongani crushes on his boss

Bongani is one brave guy.

By  | Dec 06, 2018, 01:43 AM


The man not only risked his heart but his salary as well, in the hopes of getting his bosses heart.

Bongani has had a deep secret that he no longer can hide. He has been crushing on his boss, Sibongile Radebe  who is an assistant branch manager whereas he's s service consultant at the company they both work for.

Bongani's feelings for Sibongile are more than just a typical crush but deep feelings that he wants to share with his boss lady.

Speaking to Tats Nkonzo, Bongani expressed how he thinks Sibongile is the one, even after he broke up with his other ex-girlfriend 3 months ago. 

He even said he would send for his uncles to go pay lobola for Sibongile...yes...it was that deep.

Bongani eventually puckered up the courage to tell Sibongile how he feels about her. When Sibongile began crying we really thought that she was going to give Bongani her heart.


She really got all our hopes up, the two seemed very compatible, only to dissapoint us and drag Bongani right back into the friendzone like......


Basically, Sibongile was touched that Bongani brought her onto the show, but she has always viewed him as a friend or brother.

Sibongile basically said 'friend' to Bongani almost 11 times. We're sure he got the message that he shall forever remain in the friend zone. You know when someone sees you as a brother or sister, it's game over.

Sorry Bongani, better luck next time. Uzoba strong.

Main Image Credit: Twitter