Video: Are you doing the Nae Nae correctly?

By  | Dec 05, 2018, 07:59 PM

The Nae Nae dance has been around for a couple of months now but what's interesting about this newest dance craze is that it actually doesn't have an original technique. Well, apart from the fact that you need to wave your arms in a circular motion at some point during the dance- aside from that it's ALL up to you. 

Each person, or wanna-be urban dancer tends to add their own spice to the dance move but not every freestyle is actually hot. So you might be showing your nae nae dance free-style and it might actually be a disaster. Here's a couple of Vine videos we think have the best nae nae dance moves.

Pay attention, you might learn a couple of things.

Mixed with the Macarena dance, these guys absolutely killed it. The energy was a bit too much but it boys! Please make sure you stretch first before attempting this dance. Potential muscle spasms are foreseen by simply watching this video.

Or you could break it down low like this guy who even pretends he's shooting a free throw.

Ok we don't know what this girl was attempting to do with her stiff motion but it was enough to make us laugh. Shame, but she did admit that she can't dance. A smile while doing her nae nae wouldn'tve hurt either!

You might not be impressed by these vine videos but you'll probably appreciate this compilation of the nae nae dance. Remember to stretch before attempting this move people, it requires a lot of flexibility.