Video: Kim Kardashian getting tackled

By  | Dec 05, 2018, 07:59 PM

Last night whilst attending the Balmain show in Paris, Mrs West was tackled down by Hollywood prankster, Vitalii Sediuk. The video below shows Kim getting out of a car and unexpectedly stumbling to the ground. In the background you can actually hear her mother Kris Jenner yelling "Stop it!". 

According to TMZ, Sediuk was simply trying to give Kim a hug but couldn't reach her quick enough, thus leading to him grabbing her legs.

Sediuk is also known for having punched actor Brad Pitt once. Yikes! this guy's brave.

Check the video below:

Seeing Kim Kardashian getting tackled makes Tupac's lyrics "All I want is money, F*** the fame I'm a simple man" lyrics resonate even more with us. This famous life is one risky business.