Wait, Did Emtee Fall On Stage Again?

Well, allegedly that's him on the video.

By  | Jan 15, 2020, 01:54 PM

A disturbing video of Emtee allegedly, falling while performing on stage has gone viral on Twitter.

The Roll Up hit-maker can be seen energetically going about his duties on stage, until he suddenly fell into the pit. This incident was in no way the rapper's fault, as the stage was seemingly not properly set up.

It is still unclear which event was Emtee performing at, although we are on standby for more details to be communicated by his management team or him.

Not only has the 27year old rapper amassed fans throughout his music career, but haters have been a fixture in his life as well.

Popular Twitter user, Daniel Marvin posted this rather unfortunate video of Emtee on Twitter. The two young gentlemen are said to have a strong dislike for each other.

There might also be a twist in this story. Whilst the comments section was filled with hilarious takes on the video, there were some Tweeps who simply refused to believe that, the said person on the video was indeed Emtee.

If the identity of the person in the video can be proven to be Emtee, then this would be the rapper's second moemish moment on stage in as many years.

Last year, the father-of-two faced a similarly embarrassing episode when he  actually fell on stage on his accord -  after seemingly performing under the influence, at an event in Limpopo.

During this dark period in Emtee's professional life, scores of industry mates expressed serious concerns regarding the state of his private life.

Hip hop authority, Siyabonga Scoop Ngwekazi was one of the vocal celebrities that advised Emtee to reconsider his stay at his then record label, Ambitiouz Entertainment.

The infamous record label has been mostly marred with negativity. Most artist that were signees relayed tales of being mismanaged and mistreated by the powers that be in the company.

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Main Image Credit:Instagram/@emteedehustla