Vintage Drizzy Drake on new leaked track

By  | Dec 05, 2018, 07:59 PM

This just in: (or uh, leaked,) a few hours ago, an unknown track from October’s Very Own (Drake, for all of you haters) made it to our ear drums for our listening pleasure. The track, entitled How About Now, made its way onto Soundcloud in the early hours of this morning and is said to have been uploaded by a random teenage hacker.


What’s more interesting is that the song was then immediately taken down from the music streaming service. Could it be that the song is one of Drake’s latest projects or a reject from his 2013 album Nothing was the Same?

Unlike his previous hard-hitting single, 0-100, How About Now is a more mellow song (Vintage Drake you'd even say) and once again it's a song that is dedicated to one of his many exes. Layered with emotion and story-telling, Drake reminds us once again why he’s been one of the most revered rappers in the game for the past five years. The song is relatable and catchy; it carries emotion, something Drake has been criticized for doing since his break out into the commercial market, but it’s a formula that’s worked for him countless times.

What we enjoyed about this single is that Drake is able to tell a story without complicating the arrangement of the song. How About Now reminds us of another single with a similar pattern Girls Love Beyoncé – released last year on his mixtape.

Sampling Jodeci’s 90’s single “My heart belongs to you” we realise that Drake wasn’t the only one using this sampled verse, if you take a listen to Ciara’s single Promise carefully you’ll realise that she too sampled the chorus from the exact Jodeci single.

“How about now” is not for the clubs but it’s definitely for that one ex who did you wrong and never appreciated the value you brought into the relationship. So if you’re still holding some type of grudge towards that particular ex, maybe you should take a listen to this track it might just ease the pain. It’s not something new from Drake, style was but it’s something most Drizzy fans will appreciate.