Vusi Nova helped by a young lady walking to the taxi rank

The kindness of a young lady and her brother assisted Vusi to be found & taken to a place of safety.

By  | Dec 06, 2018, 01:43 AM

Vusi Nova

It's been almost a week since Vusi Nova's hijacking incident occured.

And although the incident is of the past Vusi Nova has expressed his anger towards what was done to him. During an interview on Metro FM, Vusi opened up more about the incident.

"I'm still angry more than anything, these guys came to me and could've just taken the car but they just decided to take me with them you know, and give me a few klaps here and there and literally left me with my undies and socks in Soweto and that's just ridiculous." Said the singer.

Vusi explained that when coming from gigs in the early mornings he usually does check his surroundings before opening the gate but on that particular day he didn't think much of it as he was with four other people with him. 

Vusi and one of his other band members were abducted by the hijackers and whilst in the car, Vusi had begged for the criminals to let go of the young band member (Sihle) who was crying. Not before demanding Sihle to strip naked, did the hijackers then let Sihle go. Vusi says that he was a bit relieved that they had let the young man go as they would only deal with him now.

Vusi Nova

The singer mentioned that he did not want to give the hijackers any satisfaction of showing them fear but he kind of knew that this was possibly his last day on earth.

"I was just thinking I'm going to die, the one thing I told myself was that I  was not going to beg for my life, I'm not going to let them see that in my face. And I just told myself if they're going to kill me, there's nothing I can do."

Whilst in the car, the hijackers were arguing about whether Vusi should take off his underwear as he also was requested to strip off his clothes. 


After being dropped off in Soweto, Vusi shared that he was passed by two taxi's before he could get help.

"I saw a taxi coming, I tried to stop it by standing in the middle of the road. This guy just drove around me, I tried the second one and the same thing happened. And then I saw this wonderful girl who helped me, she was walking, I think her brother was walking her to the taxi rank. So I told them what happened and she was kind enough to take off her jersey and lend it to me. We walked almost another ten minutes to the taxi rank, they went across the road and spoke to someone there and that's how I got home."

Main Image Credit: Instagram/@VusiNova1