Watch: Baby Thingo is Kelly's biggest fan

By  | Dec 06, 2018, 01:46 AM

There's no doubt that Kelly Khumalo has quite a strong fanbase in SA. But her ultimate fan and number one supporter is her baby Thingo. Yes, one-year-old Thingo loves her mother's music so much, she struggles to contain herself when one of her songs come on.

Don't believe us? We have proof! The singer, who's having great success with her Back to My Roots album, posted a cute video of her daughter, who just celebrated her first birthday, on Instagram. In the video, the little girl is seen moving her hands frantically while the song Somizi is playing in the background. The short clip was posted captioned: "My Princess #MyNumberOneFan #Somizi how priceless is this thou..."

That was a very cute moment.Hmm... Does this mean that Thingo will be following her mama's footsteps and launch a career in showbiz? We doubt she'd want her daughter to follow in her footsteps, considering what she has been through. Although some people might blame her for Senzo's death and other bad thing that have happened, Kelly insists that she's innoccent.

In a recent interview with Nimrod Nkosi, she said: "I have done nothing wrong. The only thing, maybe, that could be wrong on my side is over-qualifying certain people into my life. You over-qualify somebody who does not deserve to be part of your life, by the time they become [part of it] the results end up being negative instead of being positive. Maybe that's where my problem is, I over-qualify people by letting them into my life."

Watch Thingo's cute video below.


My Princess #MyNumberOneFan #Somizi how priceless is this thou...

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