WATCH: Cassper Nyovest on #TheBreakfastClub

It is the first time the pair have met since that awkward Twitter incident 

By  | Dec 06, 2018, 01:43 AM

WATCH: Cassper Nyovest on #TheBreakfastClub

Late last year, during Kanye West's Saint Pablo Tour, Cassper Nyovest was caught up in a bit of furore after American Twitter claimed that he copied the floating stage concept from Yeezus. 

Cassper Nyovest Kanye West stage concept

Nyovest took to Twitter to let everyone know that he did it first and the news ended up on the radar of one of The Breakfast Club host's radar. 

Charlamagne Tha God ended up referring to Cassper as "some African artist" while speaking about the story and Nyovest's army came for his neck about it. Never one to miss out on a chance to challenge the nay-sayers, Cass confronted Charlamagne about it and he apologized, even going so far as to invite Cassper to his show. 

Cassper charlamagne kanye floating stage
Cassper charlamagne kanye floating stage

Then, back in June, after Cass booked a show in New York, he hit up Charlamagne to find out if the invitation still stood. 

cassper nyovest breakfast club invitation

It was confirmed a few days later...

Cassper charlamagne kanye floating stage

Cut to today and Cassper Nyovest was in studio with Charlamagne, DJ Envy and Angela Yee and they discussed the floating stage drama, Fill Up the Dome, his "unconventional" rise to stardom and more. 

When it comes to tooting his own horn, Nyovest does not need any help. The great part (for him) is that his unending list of achievements thus far backs up everything he has to say. 

Since his appearance on Sway in the Morning however, Cassper has changed his tune in terms of the Kanye West comparison. Instead of letting it gas him up, he says he now wants to change the status quo in terms of comparing local artists to American artists as a way of complimenting them. 

Kudos to Charlamagne for actually listening to Thuto because he even quoted Nyovest back to himself during the interview, often using his bars as a way to tell him that he sounds very American... 

Angela Yee then tried to bring up Cassper's beef with AKA, and as Envy and Charlamagne asked who it was with, Nyovest responded, "yeah, with some dude..."


Charlamagne then tried to dig a little deeper but Cassper brushed it off, simply saying "I don't like talking about it because my thing is 'I'm here..."

Charlamagne interjected, asking Nyovest if it is because he doesn't want to give his foe free publicity and Nyovest responded, "my thing is that everybody needs to work for them to get to a certain point and I can't be here talking about somebody who has never worked to get here..."


The conversation swiftly moved to signing to labels and Nyovest was adamant that he would never sign to an African label but he would definitely consider joining an American label, even going so far as to name drop Roc Nation. 

Funny enough, he also addressed his penchant for rapping about his money and things got awkward really fast due to the fact that the Breakfast Club crew asked about his sex life. Boity was the next topic of conversation and he was surprisingly honest about that part of his life. 

"She was a good girl... and probably somebody I would have married at that point if I was ready..."

Speaking of dating, Cassper finally let us know why he seems to be so obsesed with dating famous women.

You can watch his appearance below as he chats about how your criticism made him second-guess his talent, why he refuses to use ghost writers and what fragrances he wears because Charlamagne LOVED how he smells: 

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