Man Pleads For Uyajola To Not Air

Now this is hilarious

By  | May 14, 2019, 11:29 AM

We're only two weeks away from witnessing South Africa's version of American reality show, Cheaters, aka Uyajola.

When news broke that such a show would be introduced to South African viewers, cheaters across the country were shaken!

Uyajola will air on Moja Love from the 26th of May and will showcase a lot of chaos and drama and eventually expose many people who cheat in their relationships.

The show will be hosted by Jub Jub who recently posted a video of a man pleading to him to stop what he's doing. Basically, the man is asking for the airing of Uyajola to be stopped as this is compromising the safety of a lot of people. 

"I have a problem, I beg that someone speak to Jub Jub. What he's doing is not ok, please speak to Jub Jub. I beg that someone speak to Jub Jub and explain that this is South Africa, this is not America. What' he's made to do we don't understand, he's our brother but the man is now bringing Uyajola to South Africa, these are American things, Cheaters is from America. My brother, Jub Jub I'm begging you, why you're doing this to us?"

Check out the video below:
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The video was met with a lot of laughter from people who watched it and you might think that people would agree with this man's plea but they're not hearing it.

Comments from the post show that some people can't wait for Uyajola to start airing and we're just as excited as well.

These are just some of the responses that were left on the post.

 - "This is the content we signed up for...Chaos, Disorder & Panic." 

 - "Uzoba strong baba..... this we wanna watch."

- "Can't wait for the show."

 - "This show is a need! Thank you Jub Jub."

Well, it sure does seem like this man's plea has fallen on deaf ears, it's all systems go and Uyajola will air in the next couple of weeks. Get ready South Africa, things are about to get real!
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