"We don't want Bonang, we want Phat Joe"

By  | Dec 06, 2018, 01:46 AM

Queen B* is back on the radio airwaves after she settled her differences with the SABC a few weeks ago. However, the masses are not pleased, whoever thought people would be unhappy with the return of their queen? Yesterday afternoon it came to our attention that entertainment maestro, Phat Joe (who is also doing extremely well as host of Take Me Out SA) has charmed Metro FM listeners since he filled in for Bonang on The Front Row. He did such a good job that some Metro FM listeners took to social media platforms and created a petition titled #BringBackPhatJoe. Christopher was right, these Ho*s listeners aint loyal! Knowing Phat Joe and his cynical ways he must be loving the idea of taking the day-time slot from Bonang, that's if the station manager of the radio station will even heed to the public's demands.

It's funny that the public is expressing their displease with Bonang's return; just a month ago, people were spewing fire at Metro FM for firing Mathebe after she signed a contract with SuperSport. Phat Joe and his radio-side-kick, Thato, came in and did such a good job that it seemed like Bonang had never anchored the show in the first place. Phat Joe would trend almost every other day with his no-holds-barred attitude and controversial comments. For a few days people were glad Bonang was back but that celebration clearly didn't last long.

Some even questioned Bonang's ability to entertain people. Personally we thank she can but in this case Phat Joe seems to be doing a better job at impressing the listeners.

The power of the Queen B was blown right out of the water after Phat Joe left the slot.  Some people even took it a bit too far with the physical appearance comments.

The masses have spoken, so what's it going to be MetroFM?

Credit image:Facebook, Phat Joe