We miss watching "Running with the Reps"

They were one of the first entertainers to bring us a locally produced show

By  | Dec 06, 2018, 01:44 AM

Running with the Reps

The Repertoires were a well-renowned, ambitious, young, trendy and influential group based in Johannesburg. The group let us into their crazy world filled with a lot of dancing, laugher and of course a lot of drama!

In 2011 when local reality shows were just kicking off in South Africa, Vuzu introduced to us a group of young dancers who came to make a name for themselves within the entertainment industry.

Although their show was aimed at focusing on their talent as dancers, the show took a bit of a dramatic turn when the show began focusing on the issues the guys were having amongst each other.

We actually enjoyed watching more of the drama unfold than learning their dance moves, to be honest.

Thank goodness we can re-live those moments on ShowMax which has the first and second season of the show.

The Fights

Remember when Larry slapped Thato because he thought the kid was getting too big for his shoes?

That slap made us sit upright and take note of what was about to go down. Shame Larry slapped the boy's shades right off his face.

The slap picture

Then things turned for the worst when Kea (Thato’s close friend) wanted to confront Larry and give him a taste of his own medicine for that he did to Thato.

Running with the Reps

But the ultimate fight was when Nthato (The guy who had the fringe) received a serious beat down by from T.J

We vaguely remember how T.J threw punches at a defenseless Nthato who did not even lift a finger towards T.J.

T.J and Nthato

Make sure you catch both those episodes by subscribing to ShowMax 14-day free trial, trust us those were one of the many episodes of the show you would want to watch again.

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Chama was such a charmer 


Ah yes, then there was Chama, the guy with the pretty boy looks that most lady viewers had a liking to. 

Chama was always calm and collected but as the show progressed it came across as though he, just as much as Larry had some personal issues he needed to deal with. 

T.J another charmer within the crew


Although T.J was a bit aggressive we can’t deny how much of an eye candy he was with all those tattoos.

Speaking of tattoos do you remember when he and his very beautiful girlfriend went to the tattoo parlor to go get similar tattoos of each other?

Ladies, a piece of you died that day, didn’t it? Especially considering how gorgeous his girlfriend was.

Hmm, we wonder if they’re still together, though.

Since the show stopped airing on television, which is why we think it’s best you re-live the reality show via ShowMax since people have been asking what happened to The Repertoires since the show ended.

We know that Larry threw his dancing shoes away a long time ago and has opted for a life behind the scenes conceptualizing television shows and being a promoter. But what’s even more interesting is that we recently found out that he’s getting married. Go Larry!